Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oceanic Biocube Style Tank Overview

The Oceanic BioCube features high-quality components and can be used for saltwater or freshwater setups. Enhanced filtration system features dual filter intakes to draw aquarium water from the surface and mid-water for improved water circulation and filtration. Replaceable 2-stage filter cartridges provide easy-to-maintain mechanical and chemical filtration. Bio-ball wet/dry filtration systems improves gas exchange and provide efficient biological filtration. It also features a viewing window for the filtration water pump so you observe and ensure optimum performance. The BioCube also ncludes a comprehensive aquarium lighting system with Cora life compact fluorescent lighting, Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LEDs, and dual cooling fans integrated right into the hood. Another bonus attritbute is that there are individual power cords which allow timer operation for lighting periods to suit individual users and life schedules.

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