Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oceanic Aquariums Guide

Oceanic aquariums are the sturdiest aquariums available today. It's hard to find one that doesn't come already built with a heavy duty stand, generally wooden and very sleek looking. Such cabinets blend well with almost any home decor.

Smallest oceanic aquariums can be purchased in the ten gallon range, with the largest at the four hundred gallon level for serious aquariasts. Be sure your floor can handle the weight of this size. You'll be looking at well over two tons of weight including the cabinet, which will have to be strong enough for the Incredible Hulk to pownce on without fazing it.
Unique about Oceanic aquariums is that they come in all shapes and sizes to fit any home's space requirements. You can get them in corner models, bow front models, hexagonal and pentagonal.
Not only that, but you can purchase premade "package reef aquariums" that are already set up for a marine reef environment. Considering the work involved with starting a reef aquarium, that's a pretty cool feature.

There are two basic makers of Oceanic Aquariums on the internet: All-Glass and Oceanic Aquariums. Both offer great service and replacement options. They don't sell these aquariums directly, however, rather will refer you to an independent supplier or your local pet store. Such suppliers can be found on both of their websites. Your local pet store is the quickest and most practial option. Just be sure you're ready to deal with all that weight!

Other than the pet store, you might try looking on Ebay or check your local aquarium attraction for deals on such large aquariums, perhaps on used aquariums. If they can't sell you one, they're sure to have connections or advice on how to get one. Again, be prepared to pay significant shipping costs if it comes to that.

Feel free to check out the resources on this page for more oceanic aquarium info and tanks. Good luck!

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